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The Story Begins...

The official ChainCade Comics tell the story of The First 10,000 Chaincaders, venturing back through time to save the Arcade, and their own time, from a complete lack of fun. Venture through a dystopian world devoid of games and follow along as the ChainCaders explore time, discover the arcade, and all the fun and games that come along with it.

Home of the infamous ChainCaders, arbiters and defenders of all things fun and games in the future, the Retroverse at first glance is a dystopian future covered in long days of dark and urban cyberpunk sprawl. Meanwhile, hidden in their bright, screen and neon lit hangouts, the ChainCaders fight the dull days (and even more nefarious foes) with the fun and life of the once forgotten Arcade scene.

Infatuated with everything "Arcade", the ChainCaders bring back all the fun they can... but can they actually change the future for the better?

Only one way to find out...

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