🆕ChainCade API

***ChainCade API is in Early Development***

Welcome to the ChainCade API documentation.

This API provides developers with access to player and statistical data for the ChainCade platform. Here, you will find information about available endpoints, their use, and the structure of their responses.

Base URL All API routes should start with the following base URL:



GET https://api.chaincade.com/players

This endpoint retrieves an array of all players with a ChainCade account.

The response of the 'users' endpoint will be an array of player objects, each having the following structure:

"address": "0x23ea7c29f51222a5997ea3892a3d9f04b57898ae",
"displayName": "Neytiri",
"rank": "Meta Lord",
"rankId": 7,
"accountAge": 447,
"isFounder": true,
"totalTickets": 1004905,
"xp": 10150571

GET https://api.chaincade.com/stats

This endpoint retrieves important statistics for the ChainCade platform.

The response of the 'stats' endpoint will be a single JSON object containing the following fields:

"totalPlayers": 2570,
"avgAccountAge": 38.14241245136187,
"numOfFounders": 78,
"avgPlayerLevel": 2.451750972762646,
"totalXP": 160953876,
"totalTickets": 22607436,
"topXPEarners": [ // Top 3 XP earners as player objects ],
"topRankers": [ // Top 3 rankers as player objects ],
"topTicketEarners": [ // Top 3 ticket earners as player objects ] 

GET https://api.chaincade.com/player/walletaddress

This endpoint retrieves a player by their wallet address.

Path Parameters




Players wallet address

The response will be a single JSON object representing the player with the following fields:

"address": "0x98c072c4f65307aa5caa78305eec9445f5263aff", 
"displayName": "Lazy", 
"rank": "Captain", 
"rankId": 4, 
"accountAge": 461, 
"isFounder": true, 
"totalTickets": 59183, 
"xp": 2323948 


All requests to the ChainCade API are GET requests. To access the API, simply send an HTTP GET request to the desired endpoint.

For example, to get all players, you would send a request to https://api.chaincade.com/players

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