20/01/2021 Beta App Release

  • iOS and Android Beta apps

28/01/2021 p2w Android Production Version Release

  • Account Login

  • Ticket Collection

  • QoL improvements

29/01/2021 p2w iOS Pre-Production Version Release (1.0.3)

  • Play to Win is live now!

  • UI, Audio and several quality of life improvements

30/01/2021 p2w iOS Production Version Release (1.0.5)

  • UI improvements

  • Play to win bug fix

16/03/2022 v1.0.6

  • Scattershot has been nerfed, the game was too dependent on this powerup, the scattershot fires 2 fewer shots now, and there's also a 10% reduction in fire speed

  • Normal blasters (just the 2 without scattershot), were too weak and that took the element of skill out of the game, the fire speed of these has been buffed up by 20%, When aimed correctly you can now shred through the warships like you eat chips.

  • Lower-end devices are supported now.

  • Performance improvements

  • Some changes have been made in the input system as well - PC, Mac, and other standalone - move by A, D, or Left-right arrow (same goes for controllers), mouse movement on pcs has been removed to provide better touch input - touch input improved on phones, now using native touch API instead of the mouse API

  • Remote Access implementation has started

    This will allow us to make any changes to the game, without pushing out an update that everyone has to install, most of the properties will be remote toggled, starting with ticket allotment from this update, you'll see this in action once the iOS app is live. Remote access will also allow us to have events like double ticket days, without requiring an update.

    Remote access will play a great role in the DAO, as players will be able to sign a contract to vote for changes in games like how many tickets should it give, what ship should have what health etc. and changes will go live automatically once the voting will end. (A far goal for sure, but we're on the right path)

  • The formula for tickets will be adjusted to give a ticket every 4000 points, bonus 10 tickets every 40,000 points instead of 5000 and 50,000.

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