26/12/22 Beta Release

03/01/22 Update

  • Now allows up to 15 character long display names

02/02/22 Update

  • Fixed issue where likes and views for Arcade Edition NFTs couldn't be seen in the profile

14/02/22 Update

  • An issue with the timer fixed, and auto reloads when the timer hits 0

  • Box opening animation is back

  • Arcade edition is now purely sorted by tokenId and not by balance + tokenId

14/04/22 Update

  • Stats page (only supports wider screens for now) has been added, now you can see the arcade edition NFT circulating supplies for yourself.

  • Glasses added to the history

  • Date and time of box opening added to history (starting with new boxes)

  • History now goes from newest to oldest boxes.

  • Telegram tag field added for Founder's NFT holders, letting them enter their Telegram tag so we can add them to the private founder's chat

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