🎁Lucky Boxes

Win ALL the things!

Lucky Boxes contain the most valuable, coveted, and rare prizes in the arcade. From limited time events and one-of-a-kind prizes, the chance to win big has never been better!

Each Lucky Box is fully on-chain randomized and guaranteed to have a valuable prize inside including possibly (but not limited to):

  • Arcade Edition & other ChainCade NFTs

  • Cryptocurrency

  • Exclusive Partnership NFTs

Future boxes may include:

  • Digital gift card codes

  • Valuable memberships & subscriptions

  • Vacation packages

  • Much, Much More!

Opening a box will require 1000 Tickets that can be won by playing any ChainCade arcade game. Each box will also require a number of energy points to open, depending on how many boxes have already been opened by the player that day. The first box you open each day will cost 1 energy point. The second box in the same day will cost 10 energy points. The third box will cost 100 energy points. Further boxes will cost 10x until reset along with energy points at 00:00 UTC.

Example for opening boxes:

  • First box/day = 1EP

  • Second box/day = 10EP

  • Third box/day = 100EP

  • Fourth box/day = 1,000EP

  • Fifth box/day = 10,000EP

  • and so on

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