๐ŸงธArcade Edition

Arcade prize themed NFTs, just like we used to win! Some rare versions may give you a boost in certain games if you're holding it, and they'll all have a purpose in Phase 3 in your personal arcade!

Certain NFTs may even be part of a "set" you can trade in for an even bigger prize!

Prize Seasons will last for 3 months. Every 15 days a new round of NFTs will be added to the prize pool. Any that are not won by the end of the season, are burned forever! Collect them while they're out!

  • White text bars are โ€œCommonโ€

  • Gold text bars are โ€œRareโ€

  • ChainCade colored text bars are โ€œSuper Rareโ€

The only difference between prizes of the same rarity is cosmetics.

Read more about the future Utility of Arcade Edition NFTs Here: NFT Utilities

Arcade Editions NFTs can be traded on AlturaNFT.com or any other platform supporting BEP1155 NFTs


  • Total NFTs | Unlimited

  • Unique Variations | Unlimited

  • Original Sale Price | NOT FOR DIRECT SALE

  • Network | Binance Smart Chain

  • Marketplace | AlturaNFT.com

Trade Chaincade Arcade Edition NFTs at Alturanft.com

**Always look for the "Verified" checkmark when purchasing an NFT on Altura.**

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