Leading the fight to bring back the arcade!

A set of 5,000 unique & randomly generated NFTs representing The ChainCaders. Offering many unique utilities and becoming your personal, customizable avatar in the Retroverse!

ChainCader's can be bought with a special Coin NFT on AlturaNFT.com, allowing you to open the ChainCader Loot Box and receive one of the 4,000 'Caders that will be for initial sale. A final 1,000 will be inside Prize Boxes, waiting to be won. #RescueTheFinal1000

Rumor has it, there may be a time where even 5,000 'Caders may need some help. If the community and project can "Level Up', maybe... just maybe... there's more to be found.


  • Custom Avatar in Hangouts and throughout the Retroverse

  • Exclusive Airdrops

  • No Cost Access to Tournaments

  • Energy Point Bonus

  • Discord ChainCader Room

  • Access to opening a Public Hangout

  • Exclusive Partner Benefits

  • And more to come!


  • Total NFTs | 5,000

  • Unique Variations | 5,000

  • Original Sale Price | 0.25BNB

  • Total Available to Purchase| 3,500

  • Network | Binance Smart Chain

  • Marketplace | AlturaNFT.com

  • Future Mints | With Certain Community Achievements & Project Milestones


  • 3,066 Common

  • 1,266 Rare

  • 666 Epic

  • 2 Legendary

Trade Chaincader NFTs at Alturanft.com

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