26/12/2021 Beta Release

03/01/22 Update

  • New movement controls

  • New movie in theater

  • Sound settings.

  • Some qol improvements

20/01/22 v1.0.b5

  • Fixed room list issue

    • Also now they'll sort from highest to lowest players

  • Fixed the freezing issue on room list screen

  • Hopefully fixed the free issue with slots

  • Fixed the fake "500 tickets" message

  • Fixed the visual bug on slots where a slot would stop normally but then turn diagonal

  • Room code is now case insensitive

  • Footballs should now be "playable"

10/02/22 1.0.b7

  • Bug fixes and security issue on backend fixed (thanks @TheKingRalph for pointing out the vulnerability)

  • Camera sensitivity settings have been added (accessible from the in hangout settings)

  • Camera movement blocked when a UI is open

  • Jackpot celebration sound, Celebratory firecrackers and a hangout-wide notification of winner

17/02/22 1.0.b8

  • Asia and EU regions added in addition to the US, choose your preferred server on the main menu!

  • Completely revamped Profile page!

  • Slots are much faster now!

  • Avatars now have their unique free emotes (other emotes to be unlocked by completing sets of Arcade edition NFTs)

28/02/22 v1.0.b9

  • Arcade edition set-1 utility introduced

  • Slot balance changes on jackpot rewards and spin XP

  • Slots now give small rewards on other line results

  • Revamped coin to ep ratio, more coins you buy on the same day, the more EP it will cost (see below)

  • Introduction of Gumshoe Teaser in the hangouts, A movie in the metaverse, for the upcoming partnership with DeFilms Studios

  • Theatre name bug should be fixed now

  • Avatar whitelisting has been introduced

Coin Price System in Hangouts

Coin price is now based on how many coins you have bought for the day.

  • First 100 coins - 1Ep each

  • 100-200 coins - 2EP each

  • 200-300 coins - 4EP each

  • 300-400 coins - 8 EP each

  • 400- 500 coins - 16 EP each

  • and so on

09/03/22 v1.0.b10

  • Major UI revamp

  • Slot Machine auto spin feature added

  • Updated sound system

  • Hangout movie streaming network performance optimized

  • Hangout Screen saver option added in settings (save network performance by switching to screen saver if youโ€™re not watching the movie)

  • Tax for mini jackpots on lower % (1, 2 and 3) now gets rounded up to 1 instead of 0

20/09/22 v1.1.b1

  • NFT Gallery Update

  • Camera Freeze Added (x)

  • Live price charts in hangout

  • Ground work for chat system

  • Added "Bloom" option to settings

  • QOL and backend updates

29/09/22 v1.1.b2

  • Changes to NFT Gallery

  • Chat is now live, instructions added to Hangout page

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